Armor Alarms

A smarter approach to home automation.

It’s no longer just about having an alarm system but an overall smarter approach to your home for both safety and convenience. Our team at Armor Alarms is ready to make home automation in Kansas City simple and effective! Home automation in Kansas City means savings, safety convenience and control for your entire family!

Custom Home Automation

We provide custom home automation in Kansas City. Our team of professionals is ready to custom design a system that works with your lifestyle. We can automate your locks, cameras, lights, appliances, thermostat and much more! From the time you open your front door or garage in the morning to leave for the day to when you return home at night, we have a custom solution to fit your home.

Video Cameras

We provide doorbell and video surveillance cameras for the Kansas City home. Doorbell cameras allow you to answer the door virtually anywhere. This increases safety and peace of mind knowing who’s at your door. Overall surveillance is also beneficial when it comes to having the ability to capture the day to day activity of your home away from home.

Energy Management

This is probably the number one reason for home automation! Energy management gives you a way to control your heating and cooling and manage energy inside your home. Building automation can save you on your utility bill anywhere from 5-30%!

System Takeover

Is your home already wired but your current home security provider is not meeting your needs? We’ll take care of you! Our team can take over your existing alarm solution and convert it to cellular so you can take advantage of what Armor Alarms has to offer for Kansas City residents.

We make it simple for home automation in Kansas City. Our team is ready to serve your needs. Home automation has so many benefits. Having a fully automated home is just a click away!

– Adds Safety Through Appliance and Lighting Control
– Secures Home Through Automated Door Locks
– Increases Awareness Through Security Cameras
– Increases Convenience and Comfort
– Saves Time and Money
– Contributes to Economy
– Increases Peace of Mind
– Gives You Control When Traveling
– Child Safety