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Save Some Stress, Get a Keypad

July 17, 2018
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July 17, 2018 JAdmin

Save Some Stress, Get a Keypad

Having a keypad for your Kansas City home may not be at the top of your priorities, but maybe it should be. Think about it: How many times have you locked yourself out of your house?

A keypad for your Kansas City homeYou and most other homeowners have found yourselves on the wrong end of a locked door at least once or twice. You’ve probably used numerous hiding places, only to realize that they can compromise your safety. Hiding a key under a fake rock in the garden, placing a spare under the welcome mat or under a flower pot – all of these are very common and are the most likely places burglars will search.

Keeping your spare key in your wallet is not a smart idea because the burglar would have your address and your key if it is stolen. You can consider giving a spare key to a trusted neighbor instead, if you don’t mind giving that neighbor access to your house all the time. You can also store a spare key on a magnetic tin under your car, but it could be dislodged when you are driving.  Installing a keypad for your Kansas City home is a much better option.

If you are prone to forgetting or losing your keys or locking yourself out and you want to find a way inside your locked house without resorting to destroying your door, then you should consider a smart solution: a keypad for your Kansas City home. A keypad will enable you or anyone who knows the code to unlock your door from the outside without having to rely on a key. It’s also much safer than entrusting your key to that nosy neighbor two doors down.

A keypad for your Kansas City home won’t cure your forgetfulness, but it can help reduce a little stress and give you peace of mind that you’ll never be locked out of your home again. Sound like a good idea? Armor Alarms can help with installing a keypad, as well as with all your other smart home options. Call us at 913.201.4959 or visit