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Open Sesame! Here’s Why You Need an Automated Garage Door

July 9, 2018
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July 9, 2018 JAdmin

Open Sesame! Here’s Why You Need an Automated Garage Door

Every day, you open your garage door, back your car out and leave for work, errands or a number of other activities. If you’re running late, the kids are fighting in the backseat, or your mind is on the big presentation you have to give for a client that day, hitting the button to close the garage door may slip your mind as you leave.

Automated garage door for Kansas City families - Armor Alarms

And uh oh – there’s nothing worse that that moment of sheer panic when you’re halfway to work and realize you’re not sure if you closed your garage door, potentially leaving your home wide open to bad things.

But investing in an automated garage door for Kansas City families can eliminate that problem. In fact, more and more families are opting to reap the benefits of installing an automated garage door. Here are the top three reasons you should consider one for your home:

• Convenience: Automated garage doors free up your hands so you can get into your home easier and faster. It is ideal for those who have disabled family members, as well as those with children and pets. An automated garage door for Kansas City families is also ideal as you can tell the door to open from your smartphone app when you’re down the block so the door is wide open when you get home. You don’t have to get out of your car r fumble for a garage door opener. This benefit is especially useful when it is raining or it is scorching hot.

• Security and Safety: Having an automated garage door for Kansas City families mean that their homes are more secure and safer. Thieves and other criminals will have a hard time trying to get into an automated garage door, in comparison with other garage doors that they can simply pull up. You also do not need an additional security system outside of the door, as only a code inputted from the inside of your home and the remote can open them.

• Peace of mind: With your garage door connected via wifi to your home security system, you can check its status at any time, from your smartphone. So no more wondering whether you shut it in your hasty rush to the office in the morning. You can easily find out by opening an app on your phone.

An automated garage door is a wise investment for your home. Not only will it keep your garage safe from intruders, it also will make life easier for you and your entire family. If you’re looking to automate your garage door, or to install a home security system to give you peace of mind, call Armor Alarms, 913.201.4959 or visit We provide systems that are safe, simple and secure, designed for the Kansas City family.