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High Utility Costs Are a Summer Bummer, but Smart Thermostats Can Help

June 19, 2018
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June 19, 2018 JAdmin

High Utility Costs Are a Summer Bummer, but Smart Thermostats Can Help

Summer usually means high utility bills, particularly if you are cranking up the air conditioning the entire day. In Kansas City, smart thermostats are becoming the norm for families who wish to save on their utility bills, as well as those who wish to come home to comfortable homes to escape the sweltering summer heat. Don’t have a smart thermostat yet? Well, here’s everything you need to know before making the switch:

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  1. What are smart thermostats?

First and foremost, a smart thermostat does the same thing that your conventional thermostat does – it adjusts and maintains the temperature in your house. They both can be set per individual room in your house or to a general temperature throughout your home. This is where the similarities end though, as a smart thermostat offers a host of benefits that are not possible with your traditional thermostat.

  1. What can they do?

The biggest benefit is that smart thermostats can help reduce your utility bills. During the summer months, people tend to make their homes cooler to feel more comfortable. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of them are able to adjust the temperature before they leave their houses. In Kansas City, smart thermostats are able to accurately adjust the temperature with just a tap of your smart phone. Smart thermostats can adjust the temperature in each of your rooms, so that you can regulate which room should be cold and which one can stay a little warmer. In theory, this will reduce your utility bills because the smart thermostat will be able to maximize when it should be in power-saving mode and when it should blast you with cool air.

  1. Why are they beneficial?

Another benefit to using a smart thermostat is that it can be programmed to anticipate your needs. In Kansas City, smart thermostats are able to adjust the temperature according to a set time or schedule, so that when the homeowners arrive, the house will be comfortable and just right. It can also tell when you are sleeping or away from the house, so it will be able to regulate the air more appropriately.

Of course, there are many more benefits to owning a smart thermostat. If you want to make the switch to a Kansas City smart thermostat and start saving money this summer, call Armor Alarms at 913.201.4959 or visit www.protectedbyarmor. We can help make your home smarter and safer.