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Before Checking Out for Vacay, Check Your Home Security

June 13, 2018
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June 13, 2018 JAdmin

Before Checking Out for Vacay, Check Your Home Security

It’s summer, and you’re ready for that relaxing vacation with the family or your significant other. But you may be a little wary of leaving your home and possessions unprotected while you’re gone.

But lucky for you, home safety in Kansas City is within reach, thanks to home automation. Keep your home safe from intruders while you travel this summer with a sophisticated home security system. If you plan ahead and install smart features before you go into vacation mode, you can have peace of mind while you’re enjoying that much-deserved vacation. Automated home safety in Kansas City will work for you while you’re away. With smart features, here’s all you have to do before you go:

  • Check your gadgets. Set aside time prior your departure date to double-check your gadgets. Make sure that all of them – locks, motion sensors, doorbells, cameras and other security details – are fully charged or have fresh batteries. Next, check that the notifications are enabled and that the emergency contacts are entered. Finally, check all the settings and ensure that you don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to home safety in Kansas City.
  • Test them. Doorbell cameras can have blind spots. Make sure that yours is positioned where it will be able to capture the most footage. Ensure that the lens is free of dirt that may obstruct the view. You should also set the motion sensitivity and other features to their maximum setting to ensure that the slightest approach of an intruder will be thwarted. You should also get a motion-detection floodlight so that your porch or home will light up whenever an unwanted guest drops by.
  • Confirm your notification settings. One of the things that can make the difference when it comes to home safety in Kansas City is the speedy response of authorities in the case of intruders. Before leaving for your vacation, make sure that the right people are registered as emergency contacts. You want your home system to notify the authorities when you are troubled by intruders while you are away from home. Neglecting to input the right contacts can mean that all your security preparations have been for naught.

With an automated security system and smart features, you’ll be able to enjoy a vacation away from home free from worrying about burglars and intruders. If you’re ready to explore automation, visit Armor Alarms at today. Armor Alarms is your trusted local expert for security and home automation systems. We can help get your home ready and protected before you leave for your summer vacation.